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Bagley Law's membership with Weston Patrick means that you receive the personal attention of a small practice, with the diverse expertise and robust resources of a large law firm.

Bagley Law, PC is a member of Weston Patrick, a professional association established in 1897. Weston Patrick brings together small law firms with attorneys who have developed expertise in diverse areas of law. These small firms maintain their own distinct practices, while under the umbrella of Weston Patrick. The benefit of being a member of Weston Patrick is that attorneys in small practices gain access to a pool of in-house legal talent to consult as needed.


How does our membership benefit our clients?

Complex legal issues may involve numerous areas of law, and deep knowledge of those subject matters. For example, a complex Divorce Agreement may touch upon areas of real estate law, insurance, and estate matters. Bagley Law's membership with Weston Patrick means that our attorneys may draw upon the expertise housed in the larger association of Weston Patrick as needed, with answers a quick phone call, email, or office conversation away. Accordingly, we are able to offer you the benefits of both small and large firms – personal attention and comprehensive resources – at competitive rates.

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